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Every week or so I will come to this blog, and I will spend at least an hour going through every single page there is, and because of this I am dead. I died laughing. Now, as a shinigami, I still come back to this blog and read through it, and instead of dying, I merely pass out for a while.

I’m sorry I killed you, anon-san, but at least you had a happy death.

i've been through your entire blog for 5 days now. I knew it before i just re-visited it. Each day i would go through your entire blog and i would laugh my ass off completely.

I’m surprised at how dedicated you guys are, I can’t even go through my entire blog myself. It almost makes me feel bad for not posting that often, but it also makes me happy that you enjoy it so much. Thank you!

I've gone through 12 pages of this blog, which is really not so much, and I'm already reduced to tears. I have been laughing at these posts for centuries, bless you for existing.

I admire people who are able to go beyond 5 pages without dying.

I salute you, my friend!